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Top Clinical Services for Boosting Your Pharmacy’s Revenue

Digital Pharmacist

By diversifying services and embracing a patient-centered approach, independent pharmacies can position themselves as vital healthcare hubs within their communities. One effective strategy to achieve this is by offering top-notch clinical services that not only enhance patient care but also contribute to a significant revenue boost.

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Salesforce in the healthcare industry: capabilities, applications, alternatives


Also, providers can easily find and schedule appointments for patients and empower them to complete pre-visit and post-visit activities. With this solution, a patient can quickly find and schedule appointments, while a healthcare provider can share surveys to collect feedback on treatment and improve future experiences.

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Polypharmacy and ageing

Hospital Pharmacy Europe

For example, when older patients who meet the inclusion criteria attend for scheduled appointments, the receptionist prompts the GP to perform a medication review. In practice, moving from BCT to intervention package “requires a balance between science and creativity” said Professor Hughes.