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Unlocking the full potential of pharma batch reports

Pharma Manufacturing

How integrated batch reporting can help manufacturers identify non-conformance parameters and aid process improvement

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XtalPi and CK Life Sciences to develop AI-driven tumour vaccine R&D platform

Pharmaceutical Technology

CK Life Sciences vice-president and chief scientific officer Dr Melvin Toh said: “The cooperation with XtalPi will apply XtalPi’s AI algorithm, molecular modelling and automated experiments to speed up the R&D process, improve the success rate, and increase the efficacy of tumour vaccines.”.


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Top 4 Reasons an In-House Fuld + Company Consultant Boosts Companies’ Strategy + Intelligence Capabilities


When Fuld + Company provided an on-site analyst for an extended engagement, he entrenched himself in their existing process and suggested ways to add new layers of insight. Facilitates functional improvements and organizational change.

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Personalised culture media solutions support timely biopharmaceutical manufacturing

European Pharmaceutical Review

Oftentimes, our clients’ goals are to increase cell growth, improve protein titers and optimise product quality attributes. They need to resolve any issues that affect cell performance and quality, whether it is media optimisation or process improvement.