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Providing a Pathway to Patient Connectivity and Adherence

Fierce Pharma

Specialty therapy patients require accessible prescription management solutions that can simplify communication, improve access, and increase adherence. Today, gaining consistent access to life-saving medications can be a significant hurdle that many patients must learn to navigate.

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NICE releases revised guidelines on antidepressants

Pharma Times

The new guidelines focus on key areas of prescription, management of withdrawal and severity of withdrawal symptoms


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A Deep Dive into Fine Grained Sentiment Analysis of Patient Engagement Solutions

Roots Analysis

Technical Issues and Glitches: Improvements related to fixing technical issues or glitches within the app that may be causing problems for users, such as app size optimizations, bug fixes, app stability, connectivity, and network related improvements.

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Navigating CVS’s New Pricing Models: What to Know About CVS CostVantage and CVS Caremark TrueCost

Digital Pharmacist

According to the Kentucky Lantern , “[The state’s decision to cut out middlemen] is saving the state money — a lot of money — by putting Medicaid prescription management under a single vendor.” In certain states, Medicaid programs have also eliminated PBMs and incorporated a pricing model of NADAC plus a dispensing fee.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Healthcare Applications


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