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Rare MIS-C Does Not Appear to Impact COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Children

Pharmacy Times

Children who experienced COVID-19-induced multisystem inflammatory syndrome did not experience severe adverse reactions following COVID-19 vaccination.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Children Who Had Previous MIS-C Diagnosis

Drug Topics

Patients with a history of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) completed a questionnaire about adverse reactions following COVID-19 vaccination, and no serious adverse events were recorded.


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Opinion: Health care coaches are the next big thing. They’re also completely unregulated


It turns out that one of the supplements recommended by the health coach has adverse reactions with a medication prescribed by his doctor. He goes to the emergency room, where they immediately ask him about medications and supplements he’s taking. The health coach never asked John about his medications. Read the rest…

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US FDA approves Bausch + Lomb and Novaliq’s DED treatment Miebo

Pharmaceutical Technology

Blurred vision and eye redness are the most common adverse reactions observed with Miebo. The two 57-day, double-masked, multi-centre, saline-controlled, randomised trials were conducted in 1,217 people with DED history and clinical signs of Meibomian gland dysfunction, a major cause of development and disease progression.

FDA 126
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FDA Proposes Streamlined Medication Handouts


New program seeks to reduce misuse and adverse reactions by simplifying prescription labels.

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How pharmacists can counsel patients on a bad reaction to a new medication

The Checkup by Singlecare

Nonimmunologic reactions. Nonimmunologic reactions are reactions that don’t involve the immune system and are not typically considered true allergic reactions. Instead, these non-allergic adverse reactions may be caused by the drug itself or unknown reasons. Most common culprits of reactions.

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MHRA set to launch biobank pilot to better understand genetics and medicines safety

Hospital Pharmacy Europe

‘Almost a third of adverse reactions to medicines could be prevented with the introduction of genetic testing… This has the potential to transform our safety monitoring activities – enabling us to meet a real need by using high-quality patient data to reduce side effects of medicines.’