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Overview of New USP Chapters, Upcoming USP Chapters on Temperature Excursion Management for Drug Storage, Distribution

Pharmacy Times

Desmond Hunt, PhD, senior principal scientist at US Pharmacopeia (USP), discusses the standards and resources that USP has recently published or is looking at now on the subject of pharmacy in transit.

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Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Everard Pharmacist

indispensable health

Pharmacists are the drug experts! I encourage the surgery centers to ask me any questions they have in relation to drug storage, administration, or dosing to assist them. I go out to surgery centers to assist with maintaining pharmacy and medication compliance.

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Will Oklahoma Upend Mail-Order Pharmacy?

The People's Pharmacy

We do not know what is necessary to get someone to take responsibility for enforcing the FDA’s drug storage and transport guidelines. If the Food and Drug Administration cannot monitor transport conditions from China to India to Los Angeles, who can? Do these pills come on container ships or in airplanes?